The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Seattle

The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Seattle

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FICKS Cocktail Mix Best Cocktail Bars in Seattle

As cocktail mix makers, the FICKS team has been known to frequent a cocktail bar or two. We were speaking about speakeasy's the other day when arguments started about what our favorite bars are in some of our favorite cities. So we've decided to pick our favorite cocktail bars to share with you, and to ease the arguing around the office! Without further ado, here are a few of our favorites in the first city we're highlighting - Seattle!


Seattle Cocktail Bars Roquette Inside

Sometimes you need to dodge the Seattle rain with some steel drums and sunshine of the Carribean. Rumba helps you do that without a plane ticket. With rum in the name (get it?) this is your place to relax, kick back with friends, and order a few tropical cocktails like thie Clear Daiquiri CO2 - a carbonated blend of Rhum JM, Bounty White Rum, lime juice and cane sugar. They've also got some great eats, so come hungry.

Foreign National

Best Cocktail Bars - Foreign National

Foreign National in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood is the perfect place to duck into for an intimate date night. The bar is small yet stylish, with people tending to keep their conversations to a peaceful volume where you can really enjoy each other's company. This isn't the place for girls or guys night out, as it really is a small space which we say only as a benefit for a nice night out with that special someone. Foreign National is owned by the same group as Vietnemese restaurant Stateside, so be ready to try this cheeseburger bao as well.

Zig Zag Cafe

Best Seattle Cocktail Bars - Zig Zag Cafe

Located in Pike's Place, Zig Zag is no surprise on this list as for years it has been one of Seattle's best known bars. The bartenders here are true mixologists, mixing up American classics as well as new favorites with names like "Couple's Therapy", "Mother of Dragons", and "Daddy Got Caught". If you're visiting Seattle or just playing tourist in Pike's Place for the afternoon, make sure to pop in here for delicious cocktails and some nice small bites.


Seattle Cocktail Bars - Roquette

French for "rocket", the Parisian inspired drinks at Roquette are truly out of this world. Inspired by mixologist Erik Hakkinen's time in the French capital, you'll find drinks here using European spirits like cognac, absinthe and...of course...champagne. But they're not married to French classics here. You can also find a list of CBD cocktails if you've had a long week.

Founders Club

Best Seattle Cocktail Bars - Founders Club

OK not going to lie, we first went to this bar strictly because the people taking us said it was behind a hidden bookcase. It is, but that's only the start of this hidden cocktail bar within the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Snag your selfie as you enter, but then put the phones away to enjoy a variety of premium spirits and creative cocktails from their talented mixologists. Take the phone out one more time before you leave to get a pic of the ice they carve into diamonds. 💎

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