Cocktail Mix Isn't Just for Cocktails

Cocktail Mix Isn't Just for Cocktails

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To state the obvious, cocktail mix can be great for making your favorite cocktails. It's why they exist! There's nothing wrong with peeling fresh ginger and squeezing some limes to make a Moscow Mule, but that can be a tedious process especially when you're making drinks for a large group. Mixers save a lot of time to get you from craving a cocktail to sipping on one. But mixers aren't one-trick ponies. Even when you're not mixing one of your favorite cocktails, cocktail mix can be used as a versatile ingredient in a variety of drinks and snacks. Have some extra cocktail mixers laying around your house? Use them in some of our favorite ways below!

Cocktail Gummy Bears

Cocktail Mixer Gummy Bears in Martini Glass

Sugarfina really opened the world up to the possibility of high-end gummies, and the good news is they couldn't be easier to make at home. Any flavor you can imagine can be put into a gummy, including your favorite cocktails. We like to take mezcal and FICKS Margarita Mix to make margarita gummies as a cocktail party snack. But holding back on the alcohol also makes them great as a nonalcoholic snack to have around the house. Try using margarita mix, Moscow Mule Mix, Paloma mix, or Strawberry Margarita Mix to flavor traditional gummy bears in a more adult, upscale way. Click here to view our recipe for basic cocktail gummy bears.

Cocktail Popsicles

Margarita Mix Popsicle Held by Hand in Mexican Restaurant

Hot day? Make some popsicles with your leftover mixers! It couldn't be easier. Just pour some margarita mix, or any other flavored cocktail mix, into a popsicle mold and freeze. You can even add spirits for boozy popsicles! One pro trick is to fill the popsicle mold halfway with just one flavor. After that's frozen, you can add a second for a - wait for it - dual flavored cocktail popsicle!

Nonalcoholic Spritz Drink

Cocktail Mix Spritz Drink

Not drinking? Well that's fine because one of our favorite ways to enjoy cocktail mix is actually without any alcohol at all. If you take margarita mix on ice, and add a splash of soda water or tonic water it can make for a super refreshing afternoon pick me up thanks to the citrus and effervescence. Try this with any mix you have to make your own nonalcoholic cocktails for a treat a bit more tasty than water.

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