Meet Your Better For You Bartender

FICKS is an independent team in California obsessed with making cocktails that taste better, while being better for you. Scroll to learn about our real fruit hard seltzers, and low sugar cocktail mixers, and thanks for keeping it real.

Premium Mixers & Real Fruit Hard Seltzers

Crafted using real ingredients from Farm to Fizz.

Lower Sugar Cocktails in Seconds

FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers

“FICKS Appeals To The Crowd Who Like Their Cocktails Minus The Guilt...- Forbes.

Real Ingredients, Refreshingly Real Taste

FICKS Real Fruit Hard Seltzer

"The best craft hard a less pretentious ride through wine country."- Rolling Stone.

Meet Team FICKS

You should know what you're drinking, and who's making it. In FICKS case, that's a couple former college roommates obsessed with sourcing the best ingredients and crafting you a best in class cocktail.

Honest Production from Farm to Fizz

Learn how FICKS works with America's best farms to source our ingredients, and use them to craft all natural drinks for you that taste great.

The FICKS Story

It started when two college roommates couldn’t find calories on a beer can, and drove them to "fix" the lack of transparency in the alcohol industry.

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FICKS is on a mission to bring a better for you bar to America through our low sugar cocktail mixers, and real fruit hard seltzer. Thanks for keeping it real!

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