The FICKS Story

Two Roommates On A Mission To Fix Better Drinks

2010 – Why Don’t Beer Cans Have Nutrition Labels?
FICKS started when college roommates Ron and Mike couldn’t find calories on their beer cans. Curious about how many calories and sugar were in their drinks, they were shocked to find companies didn’t actually have to tell them. They decided to “fix” the lack of transparency from Big Alcohol by starting a company committed to keeping sugar low, but taste and authenticity high.
2015 - Craft Cocktails, Hold the Sugar
Mike and Ron release their first product – FICKS Premium Cocktail Mixers. An industry first to marry all natural ingredients with lower sugar, their mission of creating better for you bar products was in motion. To keep flavor great, but sugar low, they source fresh fruit to flavor each mixer.

"Rather than mask premium spirits with loads of sugar, which mixers did at the time, we wanted to compliment them with fresh fruit and lighter sugar."

Ron Alvarado, Co-Founder

2017 - Big Break with Target
After years of early morning deliveries to liquor stores, FICKS gets its big break with a test in Target. One issue though…no free shelf space. Not a problem! Mike and Ron build wooden stands for all California Target stores testing the mixers. Six months later, FICKS is one of the top selling mixers, and gets permanent shelves in all California stores. Ron and Mike high five.

"It was one of those "all-in" moments where we knew we'd do anything to get this company off the ground."

Mike Williamson, Co-Founder

With the mixers booming, and established relationships with the best fruit suppliers in the country, FICKS decided to take its low sugar, real fruit mission to alcoholic drinks. Ron and Mike began brewing hard seltzer flavored with real fruit, rather than just natural flavors and added sugar, to avoid the chemically taste they got from Big Seltzer brands. FICKS Real Fruit Hard Seltzer was born.
2023 & Tomorrow - Better Drinks for Better Times
In defiance of Big Alcohol's world of mango cocktails with no mangoes inside, Ron and Mike continue growing relationships with the best farmers in the country to bring you the transparency and taste they craved looking at those beer cans in college. You can count on FICKS to keep it real with you every step of the way, as we fix drinks to make them better, and better for you.
Be Part of the FICKS Story
Want to be part of bringing real ingredients to the bar? You can by picking up FICKS products today both in stores and online. Thanks for keeping it real! 🤙

FICKS is on a mission to bring a better for you bar to America through our low sugar cocktail mixers, and real fruit hard seltzer. Thanks for keeping it real!

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