Quality Margarita Mix Starts with the Limes

Quality Margarita Mix Starts with the Limes

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Everybody seems to have their own secret to the best margarita. Maybe it's agave syrup. Maybe it's a special type of tequila. But while all parts of a margarita are crucial to happy guests at your next cocktail party, none is more important than the quality of the limes. Whether using a margarita mix or squeezing from scratch, the quality of the lime juice in your margarita will be the biggest difference between the world's best margarita and one that's just so-so.

Using the best limes in margaritas starts at the source. At FICKS, we scoured the country, then the globe, to find the best limes that we could regularly source for our margarita mix. That search took us to the homeland of margaritas - Mexico.

Margarita Mix Limes on Wooden Table

Mexico has been one of the world's largest producers of limes since the 1950's, and a variety of limes thrive within its climates. However, the state of Colima is where the highest quality limes can be found.

The Colima lime has a certain special acidity and flavor. Characteristically, this lime is small in size, has seeds and a thin peel; it is said that one of the reasons for its special flavor is that the land where it is cultivated contains volcanic residues. Because of its flavor, this variety of lime can be combined with countless dishes and beverages - including, of course, margaritas.

When you look at the ingredients of many margarita mixers, you'll be surprised to not see lime juice listed as an ingredient. You'll see something like "lime natural flavors" or "lime extract". Without having actual limes inside, we bet you can guess what this is going to taste like. However, look at the back of FICKS Margarita Mix and you'll see we use real non-concentrate lime juice in our margaritas. Taking these delicious limes from the farms of Colima to the bottle on your bar is what will give you the best tasting margarita cocktail each time you shake one up.

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