Rolling Stone Names FICKS Best Craft Hard Seltzer

Rolling Stone Names FICKS Best Craft Hard Seltzer

Ron Alvarado
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We are excited to announce that Rolling Stone magazine has named FICKS Real Fruit Hard Seltzer the best craft hard seltzer in America for the second year in a row! This is an honor we could not have achieved without the help of our supporters and fans. Our authentic California hard seltzers, flavored with real fruit juice, have won over many people's taste buds, and we are grateful to the team at Rolling Stone for the recognition.

Here's the full article from Rolling Stone, with their review of FICKS below:

"FICKS wants you to join the “Farm to Fizz” movement—which is just another way to say that craft and independent local breweries have seen the seltzer light and are coming for the summertime market.

Crafted in California’s wine country, FICKS not only locally sources ingredients, but their drinks are just packed with full-bodied fruit flavored. You get that unmistakable punch of real fruit because of their cold-pressing process (similar to juicing) for flavors like blackberry, cranberry, grapefruit, and lime. All are as fragrant as if they were just picked off the vine, but with enough zest and bubbly tang that they embody the best of what spiked seltzers have to offer.

Skipping the malt liquor was a good move here, as the fermented orange juice base combined from other ingredients really lets the sweeter flavor profiles shine without becoming too cloying or artificial. Like a boozier juice box, at 5% ABV and a mere 100 calories, drinking one of these feels like a less pretentious ride through wine country. Although, this would still pair well with a cheese board."

As an independent company, we are especially proud of this as it shows that our hard seltzers can compete with the big brands. We hope that this award will help us to reach even more hard seltzer lovers out there who are looking to say "goodbye" to the chemically taste of faux ingredients. Thank you, Rolling Stone, and thank you to everyone who has tried and enjoyed our craft hard seltzers!


The FICKS Team

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