FICKS Cocktail Mix Now in Walmart Stores

FICKS Cocktail Mix Now in Walmart Stores

Ron Alvarado
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Sometimes it's hard to remember where FICKS started, because it was so small and so gradual. It started over the course of a few months when me and Mike were in college, thinking of ways that we could make our favorite cocktails have less sugar and less calories. Over the course of a few years that idea simmered, eventually becoming FICKS Cocktail Mix, and after that FICKS Hard Seltzer. Each year we'd get our low sugar cocktail mixers into more retailers that supported our better-for-you cocktail mission, but if we're being honest we never knew if people would be as crazy about these as us to the point that they'd be in major stores. It's been amazing to see these last couple years that, yes, people really do love these all natural and low sugar cocktails mixers just as we do! And that journey has just taken a huge step forward, with Walmart launching FICKS Cocktail Mixers throughout their Western U.S. stores this month.

You can find your nearest Walmart store by visiting our store locator, with each store carrying FICKS Margarita Mix, Moscow Mule Mix, and Paloma Mix.

FICKS Cocktail Mix at Walmart

How FICKS Cocktail Mix Got into Walmart Stores

Thanks to you! No, seriously! Over the years FICKS has been sprinting to make FICKS cocktail mixers available at more stores, so people like you can enjoy delicious, low sugar cocktails. And with each new store we see people just love these mixers. Eventually, this gave us the confidence to approach Walmart for FICKS to be the premium mixer in their stores, and reach a huge amount of people with a partner we've always respected.

We're not going to lie, the most exciting part of the process was getting to go to their headquarters in Bentonville, AR to pitch our mixers. I told the story of our trip on our Instagram, so if you want the full story check it out!

Ron Telling Story about Walmart Margarita Mix

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FICKS is on a mission to bring a better for you bar to America through our low sugar cocktail mixers, and real fruit hard seltzer. Thanks for keeping it real!

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