The Top 10 Fruit to Sweeten Up Your Valentine's Day

The official pink fruit power rankings for a romantically fruity Valentine's Day.

The FICKS Team
February 11, 2022
The Top 10 Fruit to Sweeten Up Your Valentine's Day

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with fruit at FICKS, but does it cross the line into “love”? Honestly, yes. Not in a weird way (we think), but we just love, are in love with, and love everything about fruit. That’s why when Valentine’s Day comes around, we like to tell those we love with…you guessed it….pink fruit.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day solo (self love ✊☮️) or spending it with your special somebody, there’s a romantic fruit for all occasions.

And with Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl basically on the same day this year, we thought we'd put together our first ever Pink Fruit Power Rankings to help you celebrate this Valentine's Day.


10. Loganberries

loganberries for valentines day cocktail

Logan berries were created by accident, and what a deliciously pink accident it was. James Logan, the namesake for these pink beauties, created them by accidentally crossing a blackberry and raspberry plant in Santa Cruz, California in 1881. Classic Bay Area innovation.

They have the taste and color of raspberries, but the shape and size of blackberries, a winning combination if you’re looking for a jewel-like berry to drop in your Valentine’s Day cocktails.


9. Pink Watermelon

Pink Watermelons for Valentines Day Cocktail

Photo Credit: Southern Living
Yes, watermelons come in all different colors (including yellow) but it’s pink watermelons making our Top 10. Pink watermelons get their signature color from lycopene, which is the same antioxidant that gives a red color to grapefruits and tomatoes. You can actually identify different antioxidants by their color – lycopene being red or pink.
Finding watermelons of different colors is totally natural due to cross-breeding among different varieties, but keep your eye out for those pink hues at grocery stores the second week of February.


8. Raspberries

Raspberry Valentines Day Cake

Photo Credit: @kongroove

We’re giving Raspberries the higher ranking over their Loganberry offspring because of its bittersweet goodness, as well as its inventiveness in creating said Loganberries. Raspberries are a staple of Valentine’s Day drinks and desserts – being used as garnishes on cakes, muddled in pink cocktails, or enjoyed in classic berries and cream.


7. Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady Apples for Valentines Day Cocktail

Photo Credit: Pink Lady Apples
How can a fruit that comes in a pink, environmentally-friendly box like this NOT make the list of best Valentine’s Day fruit? As a company bent on eliminating plastic from supply chains and encouraging recyclability, we applaud Pink Lady for using compostable packaging to secure these sweet pink tarts.
Pink Lady Apples are sweet and tart due to their high sugar and high acid content, delivering a crisp bite and effervescent finish.
One more fun fact: Pink Lady Apples were the first apple to be trademarked, making them both romantic and business-savvy.


6. Lychees

lychee for valentines day cocktail

Photo Credit: @isaacnc
Lychee is a tropical fruit native to Southeast China, but also grown in warmer parts of the U.S. like Florida and Hawaii. Nicknamed the Alligator Strawberry (get it ☝️), lychees have a sweet, floral nut inside its easy-to-remove pink husk.
Some people describe lychee’s taste as a cross between a strawberry and watermelon, with hints of rose water, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day snack.


5. Figs

historical fig photo for valentines day cocktail

The classic Valentine’s Day fruit since before Valentine’s Day even existed. Due to their high seed content, figs have long been associated with fertility. The ancient Greek’s even celebrated fig harvest with a few sexy Rated-R rituals (we’ll leave that for you to Google on your own time), and they’ve generally been a symbol of love throughout cultures.


4. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit for Valentines Day Cocktail

Photo Credit: @pontus
Haven’t tried dragon fruit before? February 14th is your day to start. This bright, almost highlighter-pink fruit has a mildly sweet flavor often described as a blend between pear and kiwi. You really need to let dragon fruit ripen, as they basically taste like nothing before they’re ripe, but once they’re done you’re in for a Valentine's Day treat.
We MAY be messing around with this a bit for future hard seltzer flavors. Tell us if you think we should go for it.


3. Grapefruit

FICKS Grapefruit Hard Seltzer Real Fruit California

Here we are, the Top 3! We had to put grapefruit at #3 with its incredible range of Valentine-themed pinks and reds. Aside from being perfect for Valentine’s Day cocktails, California and Texas grown grapefruits are used in FICKS Grapefruit Hard Seltzer and our grapefruit Paloma Cocktail Mix.
FICKS uses ruby-red grapefruits that are less acidic, making them taste more naturally sweet, but we support squeezing any one of these bittersweet beauties this Valentine’s Day.


2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate for Valentines Day Cocktail

Another ancient aphrodisiac, the alluring powers of the pomegranate stretch back again to those ancient Greeks. With pink skins and seeds that literally look like shining rubies, pomegranate is the #2 fruit for Valentine's Day no questions asked.
FICKS started using these last winter in our newest cocktail mixer – Cranberry Punch – so give it a try if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day cocktail packed with pom.


1. Strawberries

Strawberries for Valentines Day Cocktails

Photo Credit: @yolika

Did you really think strawberries wouldn’t be #1 on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate-covered, topped with whipped cream, however you like them strawberries are the unquestioned Queen and King Cupids of Valentine's Day fruit.
Legend has it that when two people split a strawberry, they’ll fall in love. We frankly think splitting a Strawberry Valentine's Day cocktail is an even better move, so here’s a quick recipe for one using FICKS Strawberry Margarita Mix.

Cocktail from the recipe

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