FICKS Cranberry Punch Cocktail Mix for Seasonal Release

December 6, 2022
FICKS Cranberry Punch Cocktail Mix for Seasonal Release

This holiday season FICKS wanted to develop a brand new cocktail mix that could be a new staple in holiday cocktail recipes. We noodled on a few different ideas, from egg nog (too sugary) to peppermint. But we kept coming back to one of the biggest problems we faced at holiday parties - getting stuck mixing drinks all night and not being able to enjoy time with our guests.

This took us to the classic holiday punch bowl, a cocktail that sits out on display looking great, and tasting delicious, as guests serve themselves throughout the night. The lightbulb went off and it was clear what this holiday cocktail would be - punch!

🍒 A Festive Punch of Cranberry & Pomegranate

🚫🧂 Half the Sugar of Traditional Holiday Punch

 FICKS Cranberry Holiday Punch Cocktail Mix Bottle

FICKS Cranberry Punch follows the nice (not naughty) nutrition of other mixers by being half the sugar of other all natural cocktail mixers, while having a holiday twist. We've taken our award-winning margarita mix and added fresh cranberry juice and pomegranate to give it a fruit-forward taste, and brilliant ruby-red color that fits your festive bar at your cocktail parties this holiday season.

You can order bottles directly from FICKS here, or check out our store locator.

The best part is, you can blend this cocktail mix with so many different spirits, and even champagne or prosecco!

This will be our first seasonal release, gone come December 31st, so get your punch bowls ready!


Cocktail from the recipe

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