New Product: FICKS Blackberry Margarita Mix

New Product: FICKS Blackberry Margarita Mix

Ron Alvarado
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Summer Just Got Sweeter with FICKS Blackberry Margarita Cocktail Mix

FICKS' in-house mixologists have been busy squeezing citrus, pressing berries and cutting sugar the past few months, and everybody at FICKS HQ has benefited with some pretty tasty new cocktails around the office bar. But one of these stood above the rest, so far in fact that we just had to release it as our newest all natural nonalcoholic cocktail. Introducing, the FICKS Blackberry Margarita Cocktail Mix!

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FICKS Blackberry Margarita Mix

Made with Cold-Pressed Blackberries

As with everything else at FICKS, great taste starts with finding the best ingredients where they're grown best. When mixing the Blackberry Margarita, this led the FICKS ingredient team to the Pacific Northwest - where blackberries seem to grow everywhere you look and where we'd already had experience sourcing the best blackberries for FICKS Blackberry Hard Seltzer.

This abundance of blackberries leads to a number of wild berry varieties in Washington and Oregon, but the farms FICKS works with grow such deeply sweet berries that they allow this cocktail to have a rich natural sweetness while still maintaining the low sugar of FICKS other non-alocholic cocktails.


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The Same Mexican Limes from FICKS Famous Margarita

These fresh blackberries add a unique sweetness to the classic margarita mix, but we kept the same citrus base people love from FICKS Low Sugar Margarita. We use limes grown in southwest Mexico to ensure your cocktails are citrus-forward and complimentary to premium tequilas and mezcal, rather than covering spirits with overbearing sugar.


Easily Mix Blackberry Margaritas in Seconds

FICKS has done all the tricky mixing work so that you and your friends can pour and enjoy delicious low-sugar blackberry margaritas with ease. Enjoy Blackberry Margarita straight over ice for a naturally indulgent cocktail, or mix 2 parts FICKS with 1 part tequila or mezcal for a uniquely sweet spin on the classic margarita.

 Ready to Try Blackberry Margarita?

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FICKS is on a mission to bring a better for you bar to America through our low sugar cocktail mixers, and real fruit hard seltzer. Thanks for keeping it real!

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