How to Make a Strawberry Margarita

How to Make a Strawberry Margarita

Ron Alvarado
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Interested in how to easily make a delicious Strawberry Margarita cocktail? Just check out the video above where Carmen walks you through the simple steps for how to make this naturally sweet, yet low in sugar summer cocktail.

Want to make your own? Easy! Just grab a bottle of FICKS all natural cocktail mix below and you're all set.

FICKS Premium Strawberry Margarita Mix

FICKS Premium Strawberry Margarita Mix


🍹 Sip straight over ice for non-alcoholic cocktails 🍓🌵 Puréed strawberries and agave nectar 🚫 Half the sugar of other all natural mixers 🍃 All natural ingredients 🕐 Mix bar-quality cocktails in under 1 minute   Just Mix 2 Parts FICKS… learn more


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