Easy Strawberry Margarita - Pour, Shake, Serve

Easy Strawberry Margarita - Pour, Shake, Serve

Ron Alvarado
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Mixing a delicious low sugar Strawberry Margarita with real strawberries is as easy as pour, shake, serve when you use FICKS cocktail mixers.

We love seeing the cocktails the FICKS family mixes up, and the video above is one of the latest off Tik-Tok. Here's a shameless plug to follow FICKS on Tik-Tok if you aren't already. It's another place to find special behind the scenes content from FICKS, as well as the occasional crazy cocktail recipe.

If you want to save time pureeing strawberries and squeezing limes, grab a bottle of FICKS Premium Strawberry Margarita Mix.

FICKS Premium Strawberry Margarita Mix

FICKS Premium Strawberry Margarita Mix


🍹 Sip straight over ice for non-alcoholic cocktails 🍓🌵 Puréed strawberries and agave nectar 🚫 Half the sugar of other all natural mixers 🍃 All natural ingredients 🕐 Mix bar-quality cocktails in under 1 minute   Just Mix 2 Parts FICKS… learn more

Lately we've been seeing even more people use this cocktail mix as a nonalcoholic cocktail - pouring it over ice for a sweet strawberry drink sans the hangover. But if you're going for a full strength cocktail, we'd recommend adding your favorite blanco tequila, mezcal or even gin to this mix. You won't be disappointed, and you'll be keeping your cocktail low sugar.

FICKS Strawberry Margarita Mix

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