Santa Shooter Recipe

December 9, 2022
a cocktail shooter filled with red strawberry margarita mix and tequila. It has a cocktail garnish of a strawberry and dollop of Cool Whip to resemble the hat of Santa Claus

Are you feeling jolly this holiday season? Why not add a little extra cheer to your festivities with a delicious and fun cocktail called the Santa Shooter! This tasty treat is the perfect mix of FICKS Strawberry Margarita Mix and tequila, topped off with a cute little Santa hat made of strawberry and cool whip. It's the perfect drink to get you feeling festive and ready to spread some holiday cheer.

We recommend making a pitcher of this, and then pouring into the individual shot glasses. To do that, you'll need:


First, pour the FICKS Strawberry Margarita Mix and tequila into a shaker filled with ice. Shake well to combine and chill the mixture. Then, strain the cocktail into the shot glasses. To make the Santa hat, carefully place a small slice of strawberry on the rim of the glass, and top it with a dollop of Cool Whip.

Now you're ready to enjoy your Santa Shooter! This fun and festive cocktail is the perfect addition to any holiday party. It's sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit, and maybe even inspire a few "ho ho ho's" from good old St. Nick himself.

Happy Holidays!


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