Introducing FICKS x Tasty Custom Cocktail Mixers

January 22, 2023
Introducing FICKS x Tasty Custom Cocktail Mixers

America's better for you bartender has teamed up with the internet's favorite kitchen to give you the most delicious, versatile cocktails you'll ever get your hands on. Introducing, FICKS x Tasty Custom Cocktail Mixers!


Can of cocktail mix sitting next to 4 pack box

Years were spent formulating these drinks to be sipped on their own as tasty non alcoholic cocktails, or mix perfectly with any alcohol you can dream up so you can enjoy cocktails your way.

Tequila, vodka, champagne, chardonnay - you name it, Custom Mixers go well with everything. So feel free to release your inner mixologist and give everything a go!


The first flavor, Tropical Hibiscus Punch, is now available to purchase on the FICKS website as well as at BevMo stores on the West Coast. Made with real mango juice and powdered hibiscus flower, this all natural cocktail mix is as delectable as it is versatile. And, as always for FICKS, it's about half the sugar of other all natural mixers.

Made in Partnership with Buzzfeed's Tasty

If you like mouth watering food and delicious cocktail recipes, you've probably watched a Tasty video.

With over 100 million social media followers, Tasty is one of the world's largest food networks and is the perfect partner to come up with ingenious ways to use this versatile non alcoholic cocktail/ cocktail mix.



Keep an eye out this year to see what they come up with, and make sure to show us what recipes you come up with as well by tagging the FICKS Instagram account.

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FICKS is on a mission to bring a better for you bar to America through our low sugar cocktail mixers, and real fruit hard seltzer. Thanks for keeping it real!

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