FICKS Premium Mixers Breaks into Top 15% of Cocktail Mixers Nationally

FICKS Premium Mixers Breaks into Top 15% of Cocktail Mixers Nationally

Recent Expansion into Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer Reflective of Brand’s Steady Growth

FICKS Mixers, the leading premium low sugar cocktail mix brand, has broken into the top 15% of cocktail mixers by retail sales in the U.S., a far cry from the company’s humble beginnings in the dorm room of its cofounders Ron Alvarado and Mike Williamson.

Founded in 2015 by two college roommates looking to cut sugar from cocktails, the company’s growth took a large leap in 2022 as it entered 250 Walmart stores and expanded distribution with KeHE, UNFI, DPI and Crown Pacific Fine Foods. In 2023, the brand will be available in locations ranging from its home on the West Coast to the Midwest thanks to new launches with Kroger and Meijer this summer.

Over the years FICKS has earned a reputation within the fast-growing premium mixer category as the go-to brand for consumers seeking lower sugar and natural ingredients. The company credits this combination for its success on retail shelves, as FICKS embraces steady, replicable growth to new retailers across the country.

“FICKS is yet to enter a retailer where we’re not in the Top 20% of the category after our first year on shelves,” said Ron Alvarado, CEO of FICKS. “These products doing well for our retailers is our North Star so, while the sales milestone is amazing, our focus continues to be leading our category in dollars per store – where we’re in the Top 20% of brands nationally.”

FICKS Mixers are made with all natural ingredients and contain only a fraction of the sugar found in other natural or organic mixers thanks to their use of high-quality fruit juice to accomplish category-leading taste despite lower usage of sugar. The company offers a variety of flavors in premium glass bottles, including their bestselling Margarita and bar favorites such as Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, and Paloma.

“While we loved our mixers when we first started making them, I’m not sure Mike or I could have imagined we’d be nearing the top of the category after just a few years,” continued Alvarado. “We’re just getting started.”
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FICKS is on a mission to bring a better for you bar to America through our low sugar cocktail mixers, and real fruit hard seltzer. Thanks for keeping it real!

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