FICKS x Tasty Tropical Hibiscus Punch FICKS x Tasty Tropical Hibiscus Punch

FICKS x Tasty Tropical Hibiscus Punch



FICKS x Tasty Tropical Hibiscus Punch

Mix It or Sip It!

Custom Mixers is about breaking free from cocktail conformity and enjoying your cocktail. Sip straight from the can for a non alcoholic drink as sophisticated as you, or mix with any wine or spirit for a fully spirited cocktail.

Tropical Hibiscus Punch is made with the most premium all natural ingredients, including ground hibiscus flower powder and pureed mangoes. All with half the sugar of traditional all natural mixers.

Each box makes 16 cocktails, and contains 4 12-oz cans.

Serving Size






Independently owned, California grown. FICKS was started by two college roommates on a mission to cut sugar from their cocktails, without compromising flavor. We do this by sourcing ingredients from the best growers in the world, and using artisanal production practices.

Meet Team FICKS

You should know what you're drinking, and who's making it. In FICKS case, that's a couple former college roommates obsessed with sourcing the best ingredients and crafting you a best in class cocktail.

Honest Production from Farm to Fizz

Learn how FICKS works with America's best farms to source our ingredients, and uses them to craft all natural drinks for you that taste great.

The FICKS Story

It started when college roommates couldn’t find calories on a beer can, and drove them to "fix" the alcohol industry.

Recipe for this cocktail

There is no recipe for this cocktail

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